Tunes and Music Books









Notes on the audio

Book 1 is available in an audio version which is music notes with the sound played slow for learning.

The sound plays on a loop but you can turn off the loop by right clicking on the player.s

The music player uses html5 audio controls with an alternative Adobe Flash player if html 5 is not supported. Adobe Flash player may need to be installed get it here Download Flash Player.

Aaudio version of book 2 is just started so not many tunes done yet

Notes on printing from the books

Book1 was completed in 2006,We have now finished tunes book 2, 126 tunes may 2013.
When You download the book, this will take a while. A new window (adobe) will open.
To print from the book use the print icon on the toolbar of the new window,When the print dialog comes up select the pages to print if you dont to this you will print all 52 pages for book 1, 78 pages for book 2.
I have set the margins low to get a bigger size for the tunes so in the page scaling menu select 'none' to get the same size. you may need to use the "print using system dialog" and get the print properties to do this. also the page size should be set to A4
you can print 2 pages on one sheet to fit more on a page. Under the page scaling menu, select multiple pages per sheet.
You can save a copy of the book on your computer using the "save page as" or save copy icon on the adobe window.